Activities - 2010

2010 Participation in the APFel-Project
2010 Participation in the BagTrack-Project
06.12.2010 Brain storming with the members and the advisory board easc on the subject: Gate-of-Trust project and other easc activities
02.-03.12.2010 Participation in the GESA Conference
15.-16.11.2010 Participation in the meeting of the expert advisory board of the NCAS
02.11.2010 Presentation at the information event of Teltow-Fläming Schönhagen
15.-22.10.2010 University New Hampshire – Workshop „Innovate or Die“; Presentation to the project „Gate of Trust“
07.-08.10.2010 Participation in the workshop CREATIF - European Federation for Non Destructive Testing (Organizor Prof. Ewert/BAM) and presentation of the easc targets
04.-09.10.2010 Presentation of the projects / ideas of easc at the TIB, Bucharest
14.-15.09.2010 Participation in the Transport Security Expo: Presentation on innovations in security in Berlin-Brandenburg
12.08.2010 Meeting with the Board of the "Secure Identity" and talk about possible joint projects
06.-09.07.2010 Participation in the project meeting in ISPRA: DECOTESSC “DEmonstration of COunterTErrorism System-of-Systems against CBRNE”
Apr.-Jul. 2010 Supporting a project of the School of Design Thinking on the subject of the HPI in Potsdam
10.06.2010 How can you guarantee today's security standards to big city airports while simultaneously making more efficient handling of passengers and comfortable"(together with GESA and GEMAS); October: Presentation of the project in the Aviation Security Working Group of the Federal Interior Ministry (in 2011 supporting the company business)
10.06.2010 Implementation of a workshop at the ILA's on the subject of: "Innovation potential of people in control: How can the security in air transport more reliable and efficient be designed?”
21.05.2010 Participation in the innovation platform Air traffic
April 2010 Discussion at the Federal Ministry of the Interior "Security Policy of the general aviation"
09.-10.02.2010 Participation in the 2. Air Security Days in Potsdam
02.-03.02.2010 Participation in the 13. European police congress