Activities - 2011

2011 Participation in the APFel-Project
07.-08.12.2011 Participation in the demonstration of the results of the FluSs (Airport security system) - project at the airport Frankfurt / Main
14.11.2011 Visit the “Forschungs- und Erprobungsstelle für Führungs- und Einsatzmittel“ from the Federal Police in Luebeck
11.11.2011 Participation in the 9. GESA - Conference: German-Austrian Dialogue Conference: “ Five years of security research in Germany and Austria - European Perspectives "
02.11.2011 Participation in the 3rd NCAS - Conference on "Future of Aviation Security"
26.10.2011 4. General Meeting eascSchönhagen e.V. -> Name change in easc e.V.
16.-18.10.2011 Participation in the 5th Transatlantic Market Conference
12.10.2011 Presentation of results from the project BagTrack"
23.09.2011 Participation together with the network SeSamBB and ZAB Brandenburg: Business breakfast on the topic: networking of Berlin/Brandenburg - clusters on security
21.09.2011 Presentation of the concept PreBorderLane II: FRONTEX Warsaw
27.-28.06.2011 Project meeting German-Israeli research project "ACCIS" - Automatic Cargo Container Inspection System - at BBI and the airfield Schoenhagen
29.04.-07.05.2011 Trade mission headed by the Prime Minister M. Platzeck – Brandenburg - to USA and Canada
07.04.2011 Police College Oranienburg: 5th Science Day; Presentations from EASC to the following topics:"Problems and research approaches for sustainable solutions for passenger and baggage screening in aviation„ and "With more efficiency innovations in airport security?„as well as organization of the accompanying exhibition of security solutions
04/2011 Publication on "Gate of Trust – Time for a new concept" in the journal: WIK – Journal of the security in the economy
04/2011 Trademark registration "Gate of Trust™"
01.04.2011 Participation in the GESA working group: Research Program Structures
14.03.2011 Project meeting with the International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEO) in Vienna
23.-24.02.2011 Participation in the 3. Air Security Days in Potsdam
15.-16.02.2011 Participation in the 14. European police congress