Activities - 2012

2012 Participation in the FlyBag2-european-project
2012 Participation in the APFel-Project
03.12.2012 Presentation on the ARCHIMEDES – project meeting
25.10.2012 Presentation on the: "Security Research Conference by private security need support“
22.-24.10.2012 Participation in the CBRN-Symposium, Berliner Congress Center
11.-16.09.2012 ILA Berlin Air Show, Airport BER
10.09.2012 Participation in the 4. European General Aviation Conference
04.-06.09.2012 Poster presentation at the Future Security for Project APFel
15.-17.08.2012 Checkpoint of the Future Expert Group meeting
25.07.2012 NCAS-Workshop 'New Passenger Security Concepts', Frankfurt
05.07.2012 Expert meeting NCAS, Frankfurt
19.-20.06.2012 Participation in the research symposium of the police, Münster
15.-16.05.2012 Participate in the 3 SIRA - safety in public space conference "Risk Based vs.. One Size Fits All? The future of the security measures in civil air traffic
12.05.2012 Presentation of the EASC the day of Aerospace
26.04.2012 Participation in the "Potsdam Conference for Society and Security"
17.-19.04.2012 Participation in the BMBF - Innovation Forum "Civil Security"
10.-22.04.2012 Acquisition of face detection and autonomous platforms projects under the concept of "gate of trust" with the TSA / Pentagon
14.-15.03.2012 Participation in the air cargo symposium Soest on "known consignor"
02.03.2012 Participation in the GESA Conference
01.03.2012 Presentation in the „Border Security“, Sofia: ETHICAL AND EFFECTIVE USE OF TECHNOLOGY IN BORDER SECURITY
14.-15.02.2012 Participation in the 15. European police congress
08.-09.02.2012 Participation in the 4. Air Security Days in Potsdam
02.02.2012 Participation in the Workshop „Security Impact Assessment Measures“ (SIAM) european project