Activities - 2016

21.-22.12.2016 Mid-Term Consortium Meeting FLYSEC
01.12.2016 Forum "Luftsicherheit 2016"; lecture on: "Does paradigm change occur? Options of a modern aviation security between expectation and feasibility"
18.-20.11.2016 Presentation of EASC on the anniversary of the Aviation Press Club
18.11.2016 Fit4Sec Capacity-Building Workshop for german enduser
25.-26.10.2016 VEKO Conference, Leipzig
06.10.2016 Drone experts Germany meet drone pioneers Belgium
26.09.2016 VSW - BB; lecture on: "Challenges to the use of drones for Companies"
26.09.2016 Dronemasters Logistics on the IAA 2016
27.07.2016 FLYSEC partner meeting in Schönhagen to prepare technical tests
22.-23.06.2016 RPAS 2016 Conference Brussels – kick off european initiative for cooperation of test facilities
09.06.2016 10th Security meeting of the BfV and ASW federal association, lecture on: "As drones threaten the 'air sovereignty' about Company Information", Berlin
07.-09.06.2016 GPEC, Leipzig
08.06.2016 Applicant seminar Interreg V A, 1st call to cross-border cooperation Brandenburg-Poland 2014-2020
02.06.2016 ILA, BDLI and EASC – Conference: Civilian use of unmanned flying systems - between regulation and benefits, Berlin
23.05.2016 WS EASC to DIN INS 1492, DIN Berlin
16.-20.05.2016 FlySec – Project Review Meeting, Tel Aviv
13.04.2016 Event at Berlin Partner
12.-13.04.2016 BMBF – innovation forum, lecture on RISKLES, Berlin
05.-06.04.2016 VfS – Congress 2016, lecture on: "Drones - security risk or part of the protection concept?", Potsdam
14.-18.03.2016 Dronemasters on CeBIT, Dronemasters Summit Conference, Hannover
14.03.2016 Panel on "regulatory automated mobility" with BMVI StS Barthel, association representatives and research
18.-19.02.2016 FlySec – Stakeholder Workshop, Berlin
Ethics – non-discrimination - Data Protection- Privacy
17.-18.02.2016 8th LuSiTa, lecture on: "FlyBag - a concept for more protection against explosives in airplanes", Potsdam
11.02.2016 Exploitation Meeting FLY-BAG2 in Genua, first votes to establishing a collecting society
27.01.2016 DRONEMASTERS.Berlin MeetUp #01.16, Berlin
21.01.2016 10th Security Forum, University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg; lecture on: "Security Challenges in the European aviation security research", Brandenburg