R&D Projects

  • MIDRAS - Microdrone defense system
  • ArGUS - Assistance system for situation-aware defense against the risks of UAS
  • 4D-Sicherheit - Participative 4-dimensional model for systemic risk analysis of security solutions
  • FLYSEC - optimizing time-to-FLY and enhancing airport SECurity
  • Riskles - concept and implementation of standardized human resources development for risk mitigation in personnel used in airport security (RISKLES)
  • FLY-BAG2 - advanced technologies for bomb-proof cargo containers and blast containment units for the retrofitting of passenger airplanes
  • APFel - passenger flow analysis at airports with intelligent video surveillance
  • BagTrack - system for synchronization of passenger and baggage data
  • RPAS - test and research center